Experts in commercial real estate and green business parks for over 30 years.

Welcome to Aigner Office Rentals and Green Business Parks.

Our guiding principle is based on humanity, tolerance, and responsibility towards our stakeholders, which we see not only in our customers but also in business partners such as employees. We recognize that the value of our classic buildings and prime commercial spaces stems not only from our historical development but also from the environment in which all our stakeholders are included.

Even the best location cannot compensate for a lack of authenticity. That is why we offer you not only outstanding locations for economic and private use but also historically significant buildings where authenticity is guaranteed.

"The right tenant in the right space."

Elena V. Bayer jur.

A broad foundation is the cornerstone of the future.

Thanks to AIGNER, over the past 10 years, more than 750 jobs have been created.

What do our customers say

Even after moving in, Team Aigner continued to take care of our concerns and treated both new and loyal customers equally.

- Thomas

Fast and professional service with an amazing price-performance ratio - and of course, commission-free.

- Anton

A very warm team with clear advice and quick processing! Small spaces can be occupied on the same day.

- Philipp

"All for one and one for all" - the fundamental principle of Aigner and it applies to tenants as well. Fairness takes precedence, and the same rules and regulations apply to every tenant.

- Simon

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